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Classical sociological theory

  With no clear or common goal, it is hard for people to work and live in harmony. If a company or society lacks a cohesive identity, there is likely to be anomie as no one knows in which direction the organisation is heading or what to expect from oneRead More

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Marx’s and Engel’s

  Workers often earn more than they need to live on and the extra hours they do is often in order to buy more material possessions for their own comfort. Over the past years the increases in pay have often been higher than the increases in the costs of living,Read More

From industrialization to Marxism

The Industrial age began in the middle of the 18th century with the introduction of mechanical power. Now, not only were employers faced with labor organization problems; they were pressured to invent new production methods while cutting costs to keep prices competitive. The influx of raw goods arriving in GreatRead More

The causes of political violence and revolutions

  In order for a revolution to take place according to Marxist theory the political ideology has to be spread across the globe until the globe has been taken over by this ideology. 7 Thus is can be argued that the revolution in 1917 was a process that lasted onlyRead More



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