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Evaluate this claim with reference to different areas of knowledge

  Our vocabulary has become the cypher to the world of ideas; it gives us the ability to not only convey, but build upon the thoughts of others, to broaden our initial bank of knowledge. With that concept in mind, we are now posed with a new question: would thoughtsRead More

Are some ways of knowing more likely to lead to the truth?

Are some ways of knowing more likely to lead to the truth? Discovering the truth may proceed in different ways. Depending on the circumstances or the aim of “research”, one of the four ways of knowing may be used: emotion, perception, reason or language. Usually, they may be also usedRead More

Testability and reproducibility

At the start of this course we summarized definition of knowledge. Knowledge, according to Plato,it is represented by 3 words: believed,true and justified. I say I know something when believe in it,if it is true and I can prove it is true by giving some evidence to it. Human andRead More

Modern technology

Progress is defined by the further advancement to a goal, the improvement to understanding. Where art’s main concern is to project human expression and thoughts, natural sciences aims to explain the physical world in the fashion of patterns. One must realize, however, that because objectivity in natural sciences differ fromRead More

The human minds

One of the most concerning questions arose due to the growing sophistication of the human minds revolve around the existence and acquisition of truth. Truth, in itself, is the truest sense of meaning; it is the interpretation of truth that is creating the confusion all over; therefore, there must beRead More