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Ataturk’s Republic People’s Party

In 1924, the Grand National Assembly created a new constitution that vested full sovereign power in the Grand National Assembly, under the leadership of Ataturk. This constitution would be the first apparent step forward in Ataturk’s struggle to build a politically powerful state. Ataturk’s political reforms gave Turkey a firmRead More

Manus “aren’t they at home?”

Even the stage directions in this particular section lead us to believe something suspicious is going on, Doalty begins whistling through his teeth. Suddenly the atmosphere is silent and alert. To be able to understand that this may be about the IRA, background reading about the times the play isRead More

The history of Paynes

George Payne and company first became a limited company on the 17th of April 1896. Some of the reasons it became a limited liability company were that with tea and coffee being the principal focus of the business, they could only sell to customers on the premises of the CityRead More

King Henry IV

Hal says these words just after Falstaff says that if he is banished, all the world would be banished. Here, Hal is saying that he will banish Falstaff. This shows he could be in training for the future king and doesn’t want people like Falstaff with him then to interfere.Read More

The appearance of Casaubon

The appearance of Casaubon also hints his character and his contrast to Dorothy as he is described as old and ugly. As Dorothea and her sister talk about him, Celia states that he is ugly and sallow (16). On the contrary, Dorothea is described as young and lively (7). CasaubonRead More