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A Critique on Hobo by Robert Bloch

The story opens with a man called Hannigan ‘on the lam again’, leaving a town he calls ‘Knifeville’ for reasons which are later revealed. From the offset we realize that this man is a Hobo, as suggested in the title, traveling from town to town to find refuge and avoidRead More

An Inspector Calls

Inspector Goole symbolises the Professional class who does the important hard work but still no’s his place. He views society in the exact opposite as Mr Birling and doesn’t see the lower class as cheep labour but sees them as people. The Staff at Millwood’s are symbols of the peopleRead More

The reader will be shocked and moved

” Back to ‘The Eviction’, the opening of the third stanza shows us euphemistically how people’s homes being taken away from them is work – the army does evictions on a day-to-day basis and this is how it is seen. There is also an irony here “The sheriff’s painful dutyRead More

Ataturk’s Republic People’s Party

In 1924, the Grand National Assembly created a new constitution that vested full sovereign power in the Grand National Assembly, under the leadership of Ataturk. This constitution would be the first apparent step forward in Ataturk’s struggle to build a politically powerful state. Ataturk’s political reforms gave Turkey a firmRead More

Manus “aren’t they at home?”

Even the stage directions in this particular section lead us to believe something suspicious is going on, Doalty begins whistling through his teeth. Suddenly the atmosphere is silent and alert. To be able to understand that this may be about the IRA, background reading about the times the play isRead More