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Reasons for the low levels of educational achievement in the Bahamas

  How do parents expect for their children to perform well in school if they do not make an overt effort to be involved in their child’s education? A deficiency in parental guidance and concern are reflected in low results on the BGCSEs. Although it is offered that parents haveRead More

The tourism industry in Kenya

The local people were denied an opportunity to make their contributions towards wildlife conservation and management as they were kept off protected areas. There was initially a lukewarm acceptance of the policy guideline that “Kenya had an obligation of protecting the country’s fauna and flora for posterity” by the localRead More

The U. S and the Italians

The Mirror has a bold headline with large lettering, all letters featured in upper case summarising the incident ’20 skiers killed as jet slices cable car wire’. Below the headline is a photograph from the scene portraying the blood, the mangled wreck and workers. Below he picture is a smallRead More

The portrayal of the government

The portrayal of the government in both novels seems to match the portrayal of the party in Nineteen Eighty-Four, where they seek power only for their own benefits. As O’Brien puts it: “The party seeks power for its own sake … We are interested solely in power … pure power”.Read More

Satisfactory Resolution

Act 5 scene 4 can be regarded as the focal point of the play, (In this scene, we have the battle of Shrewsbury). Throughout the play, various conflicts and rivalries build up and at the battle of Shrewsbury (these conflicts and rivalries) reach their climaxes. Right from the beginning ofRead More