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Wilfred Cantwell Smith

In “Comparative Religion: Whither and Why? ” Wilfred Cantwell Smith defines religion by stating “All religions are new religions, every morning. For religions do not exist up in the sky somewhere, elaborate, finished and static: they exist in men’s hearts. ” By defining religion in this way he argues thatRead More

The crucible – society’s boil

At first glance, Salem is a tranquil Puritan village nestled in the American wilderness. Hidden inside is the terrible monster of Mr. Hyde, waiting to be exhumed. It is a town where any form of deviation faces intolerance. Discipline and obedience are the tenets of society. Everyone adheres to theRead More

The chrysalids

My daughter has six toes. In a world where even the smallest measure of difference is a crime, to have an extra toe is like to wear a sign saying, “please kill me”. One boy has discovered the secret that we have so desperately tried to hide over these pastRead More

Christ’s body

A Revelation of Love relies on language, an ultimately human and physical mode of expression, to describe its spiritual experience. Julian’s use of language draws attention to the very clear delineation between physical and spiritual modes of communication, while simultaneously existing as a metaphorical representation of the word becoming flesh.Read More

Poverty christian view point

    Every person decides what is okay and what is not okay. These choices are all based on moral obligation. Some people feel morally bound to do certain things and not morally bound to do others. 10 There is a point where everyone asks himself whether he should morallyRead More