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Right. Time to clean that dump of a room. I haven’t been in there for ages now but I’m really not sure why. I wonder what new species of mould and fungi have developed in there. I don’t want to think about that now, especially after last night. I hadRead More

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Karl Marx Marxist literary theory

Derived from the influential piece by Aristotle detailing the nuances of tragedy, ‘Poetics’, many of the commonly accepted characteristics of tragedy transpire as a result of uncertainty, and so the removal of one the greatest uncertainties in all human history, the debate over the existence of a God, would indubitablyRead More

Wilfred Cantwell Smith

In “Comparative Religion: Whither and Why? ” Wilfred Cantwell Smith defines religion by stating “All religions are new religions, every morning. For religions do not exist up in the sky somewhere, elaborate, finished and static: they exist in men’s hearts. ” By defining religion in this way he argues thatRead More

The crucible – society’s boil

At first glance, Salem is a tranquil Puritan village nestled in the American wilderness. Hidden inside is the terrible monster of Mr. Hyde, waiting to be exhumed. It is a town where any form of deviation faces intolerance. Discipline and obedience are the tenets of society. Everyone adheres to theRead More

The chrysalids

My daughter has six toes. In a world where even the smallest measure of difference is a crime, to have an extra toe is like to wear a sign saying, “please kill me”. One boy has discovered the secret that we have so desperately tried to hide over these pastRead More



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