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Rachel’s hesitations

A mother and her daughter are sitting in front of a seemingly endless life-size digital catalogue of models for The Procedure. The mother, Sarah, tells her daughter, Rachel, “I think Model Number Eight might suit you better. Most girls your age want to look better. Aren’t you excited? Earth toRead More

Magwitch’s Signifigance in Great Expectations

Magwitch thought that Pip was a pathetic child who could not be trusted, but when he returned with the food and files he would have trusted him and start to like him when Pip says he is glad he has enjoyed the food. When Magwitch reappears in Chapter 39 revealingRead More

Charles Dickens

Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, is a novel about a boy named Pip who thinks he has a good life until he is exposed to people of a higher class. As a result Pip, a “common laboring boy,” develops great expectations for himself and begins on a journey to becomeRead More

Arthur Miller

We analysed and performed three extracts from three different sections in the play. The first of which was when Eddie and Beatrice are waiting on Catherine and Rodolfo to return home from the cinema. In the second extract Eddie tries to prove that he is more superior and more importantRead More

Wemmick’s character analysis

Wemmick is a clerk at Mr. Jaggers’ office. In this book, we get introduced to Wemmick during the second stage of pip’s life, in page 157. Wemmick is a very important character in the story as he greatly helps the protagonist, pip after he goes to London. He is theRead More