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The Film Studies Dictionary

Once he meets Victoria he sees through her. He sees the potentials of her great talent and her good looks. Immediately he becomes her best friend and her mentor. His unique witticism, his acid humor and his deep ‘knowledge’ of his environment become the main supportive forces in order toRead More

Native American in film

Smoke Signals was released in 1998 as the first film to be written, produced and acted by Native Americans. Sherman Alexie who worked as the co producer also wrote the film. Alexie adapted the screenplay from his book of short stories The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven.Read More

Music film

Music is essential in a film, try and imagine jaws without the music. The music provides the atmosphere for the setting, and also the characters will determine what kind of music will be playing. Music in a fantasy film is often very mellow and soft; it has a very classical,Read More

The effect on the viewer

In this essay I am going to consider the effect on the viewer and discuss how the film creates suspense at the beginning of the film Twister. The background was just grey clouds that suddenly got swept away. All the effects are computer generated. Behind a classical song you couldRead More

The assassin

“The Assassin” He waits, prowling, in the gloomy room. The house is deserted apart from rodents scuttling along the grimy skirting boards. A tarnished car passes the house yet he is focused on one thing, the accommodation across the street. The street is watery. The strong rain assaulting down likeRead More