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The strawberry grows under the nettle

In the opening scene in Henry V, the bishops Canterbury and Ely are first to mention King Henry. They discuss the sudden transition of Henry from an unruly youth to an almost revered monarch. Henry, having had such a mutinous past, surely cannot be transformed into a brilliant and successfulRead More

Heart of Darkness

‘Heart of Darkness’ is considered to be the first example of ‘modernist literature’. It was written in 1902 by Joseph Conrad, who was a Polish novelist, though he wrote many of his works in English. ‘Heart of Darkness’ is one of the first novels in which the writer removes theRead More

The real horror of gothic comes not from buckets

It is revealed that the events that were involved in the signalman’s death were familiar to the events that occurred when the spectre appeared; the driver uses the same words and actions to warn the signalman that, according to the signalman’s description, the spectre used when he appeared. Therefore, weRead More

The haunted house

An enthusiastic, well_organised, reliable individual who enjoys working with people across the board. Has an excellent communication skills and a genuine interest in working with and helping customers. Well-presented, polite, friendly and can deal with everyday situations professionally. Seeking opportunities in retail, customer service and sales where existing and potentialRead More

Arthur Miller

Look at the opening of Nicolas Hytner’s film of “The Crucible” and discuss how tension and suspense are raised through cinematic features. The play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller has created tension and suspense by using many devices such as arguments, though I am going to as best as IRead More