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A brief critical discussion of the five savoirs that Byram

  Stern (1992) assumes that the ultimate goal of language education is to create a bicultural learner. This is primarily a North American approach to language teaching. Some textbooks are beginning to emerge that directly address the challenges of learning languages in multicultural context. On the other hand language learningRead More

How can a clash of cultures provoke the breakdown of a relationship?

  This shows the lack of understanding of the society’s language shown by Cathy. There is also evidence of class system. This appears to be the case when “Naraian pointed mistakes out to the sweeper-woman occasionally (rather too rudely and loudly) but the sweeper-woman never seemed to mind, on theRead More

American drama

Drama is one of the quintessential attributes of English literature and to a certain extent, perhaps one of the more powerful categories as drama has the advantage of extra visuals to connect with the viewers than poetry or novels. With the influential element of props and actions performed with dialogueRead More

West Africa

‘The emergence of different varieties of English worldwide has been one of the most striking consequences of colonization. ‘ Discuss. Introduction: In the 16th century, English was spoken by a relatively small group of people within the shores of British Isles. Notwithstanding, it is now spoken in the majority ofRead More

The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis

The English language has been formed and developed over many centuries into the form with which we now associate, and recognise, it today. The development and change of language can be primarily attributed to societal and cultural pressures, which are occurring and influencing its speakers, which is the primary claimRead More