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Ben and Gus

Harold Pinter was born in the working-class neighbourhood of East London’s Hackney in 1930, the son of a Jewish tailor. He evacuated to Cornwall, England, at the outbreak of World War II in 1939, and returned to London when he was 14.  He began acting in plays at his grammarRead More

London and Manchester

  The Industrial revolution had led to a total revolution. As Elizabeth Wilson mentions; ‘Under the impact of the industrial revolution, the cities of Europe entered a period of explosive growth. Victorian Britain became the world’s first urbanised society’ (1991:26). Engels focused on a particular sub-group of working-class weavers inRead More

The UK totalled

Describe what Tables 1 and 2 tell us about the variations in the new planting and restocking in forests and woodlands in the UK over the period 2003-07 Looking at Table 1 we can see that in 2003 new planting for both conifers and broadleaves across the UK totalled 13.Read More

Hume’s account of Reason and Passion

  Hume argues that there is no such thing, as someone’s will be tugged one way by reason and another way by passion (415). He states that reason cannot combat the impulse provided by passion because it cannot supply a contrary impulse; the forces of the two are different. HumeRead More

Lanfranc of Pavia

Anselm of Canterbury, also known as Anselm of Aosta and Anselm of Bec or Saint Anselm, was first a student, then a monk, later prior and finally abbot of the monastery of Bec in Normandy, before being elected Archbishop of Canterbury in 1093. He remains one of the best-known andRead More