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Produce great amounts of energy

Nuclear technology is something that scientists consider an essential type of research in the field of future science. From the time since Marie Currie had found the radioactive material, radium, the technology in this field drastically increased. During World War 2, the solution to end Japan’s tenacious resist of givingRead More

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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

  Relaxation/screening is thus a final state effect. Final State Effects Final state effects are those factors that influence the charge state of an atom after the photon has it, or has affected the photoelectron while it is leaving. There are a number of different final state effects and theseRead More

Conservation of angular Momentum

Lab Activities – Phase 1: 1. What do you think will happen when you allow a ball to roll down the ramp? Will the ball reach the same height on the other side? Make a prediction first, marking your prediction with masking tape on the ramp. Observe. Record what happensRead More

Kinetic energy

By law of conservation the momentum and kinetic energy should be conserved in an oblique collision between two objects however in our case I hypothesize there will be a slight difference due to the fact that the system is not isolated and forces from outside will act upon it. WithRead More

The activation energy

The rate of reaction tells us how quickly a chemical reaction happens. The rate can be determined by the speed with which one of the reactants is used up or the speed that one of the products is made. Time is a critical factor in the rate of any reaction.Read More



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