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Elizabeth and the Woodvilles

  His twisted sense of humour is exemplified during his encounter with Anne, when he asks permission to name one place that he is fit to be, ‘Some dungeon. Your bedchamber. ‘ 11 When Richard meets Prince Edward after he had travelled from Ludlow, the conversation that followed between theRead More

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Edward Hall and Raphael Holinshed

‘Richard III’ has fascinated generations of readers; they have found themselves seduced by his brilliance with words and his persuasive emotional manipulations even though most are repelled by his evil. Characters in the play realise his evil but are still caught out with his crafty word play and dissembling nature.Read More

Inspector calls

Imagine that you are directing the play an inspector calls and have to explain to the actress who is playing Sheila how you think her part should be played. Write the directions you give her. Dear Elizabeth Andrews Congratulations on receiving the role of being Sheila Birling in the play,Read More

Richard lines

They send Catesby, the messenger, to him who returns telling them ‘He is within with two right reverend fathers … to draw him from this holy exercise’ (Act III Scene 7 Lines 60-63). The people are lead to believe Richard is holy and innocent. Buckingham also takes this opportunity toRead More

The wedding night scene

In this essay we were set to find out how Kenneth Brannagh’s version of Frankenstein creates an atmosphere of horror and suspense in the wedding night scene. I will focus on four main sequences and analyse them thoroughly, this will be done by showing what the audience sees and hears.Read More



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