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New York Paramedic Certification

Emergency Medical Technicians are extremely important in attending to people in case of emergencies. While providing medical care at emergency scenes, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) need to exhibit competence and swift reaction to save the lives of those affected (Schwartz, McManus & Swienton, 2008). The core duties of EMTs areRead More

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Study conducted in Intersco Asia Pacific

The main purpose of this study conducted in Intersco Asia Pacific is to examine the past, present and projected future operation and viability of Intersco Asia Pacific having split from Intersco Group and established itself as an individual entity in the cosmetic and skincare industry. The major purposes addressed byRead More

Professional Education

The results of IRR are not exact since we just calculate with the random number for the trial value. However, during the process of calculating, I have chosen the closest approximation to maintain and improve the reliability factors. After comparing all the values of IRR, Project C has the highestRead More

The meaning of the following terms

  According to Knox and Gobineau, should these so called different species have integrated marriages and reproduce, the mixture of races would result not so much in immediately infertile offspring but, perhaps more insidiously, a gradual `decomposition’ or `degradation’ of the fertility of the hybrid, whom Robert Knox called: “aRead More

Teenage Prgnancy and Moral Panic

Background, context and history of moral panic and teenage pregnancy. Teenagers have been seen as the cause of the problem and the victims for numerous moral panics including rave culture, mods and rockers and in more recent year’s hoodies and a number of violent related ‘problems’ such as knife andRead More



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