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The meaning of the following terms

  According to Knox and Gobineau, should these so called different species have integrated marriages and reproduce, the mixture of races would result not so much in immediately infertile offspring but, perhaps more insidiously, a gradual `decomposition’ or `degradation’ of the fertility of the hybrid, whom Robert Knox called: “aRead More

Teenage Prgnancy and Moral Panic

Background, context and history of moral panic and teenage pregnancy. Teenagers have been seen as the cause of the problem and the victims for numerous moral panics including rave culture, mods and rockers and in more recent year’s hoodies and a number of violent related ‘problems’ such as knife andRead More

Education system

Well done, your task 2 response is very engaging and your arguments are well thought out. It’s great to hear your ideas and demands for BEP student. With reference to current ideas and discourse about inclusivity, discuss how you could make your curriculum more inclusive for your learners. The term ‘Inclusive learning’Read More

Higher Education Funding

It is the ‘proper exercise of their discretion’ which is of most relevance to John and James. They must enquire into the procedures followed in reaching the decision, or if there is a blanket policy in place that simply bans representation in such circumstances. Webster identified the factors that mustRead More

Harnessing the Winds

  It has generated much interested. Dozens of articles have been submitted from all over the world. In these articles, no less than 12 terms have been used to describe virtually identical practices. These terms are Bibliodrama, Creative Drama, Creative Dramatics, Drama Praxis, Educational Drama, Empatheatre, Expression Dramatique, Life Drama,Read More