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Dickens’s Attitudes to Education

Exploring some of the ways in which Dickens’s Attitudes to Education are presented in the early Chapters of Hard Times In Charles Dickens’s industrial novel ‘Hard Times’ written in 1854, we see various attitudes towards the topic of ‘education’ from several different characters in the early chapters of the novel.Read More

Education in sport

Education in sport has numerous benefits associated with participation in sport. A good standard of physical education in the young will contribute to a sportsperson development at a young age. By this I mean the type of person the player will develop into and whether or not they fulfil theirRead More

Education and Hotels & Restaurants

Also it depends on the people’s disposable income because if they receive low wages then Chinese food is unlikely the first on their list for food because some might find it rather expensive and cannot afford to spend a lot of money on it. There could be a chance ofRead More

As part of my media studies practical coursework

As part of my media studies practical coursework I have decided to produce some pages from both a tabloid newspaper and a broadsheet. I have chosen to do this as this will allow me to clearly distinguish the differences between the styles and reporting techniques as tabloids and broadsheets areRead More

Codes and conventions for media studies

I will be comparing the 4 local newspapers to 1 broadsheet and 1 national tabloid, looking at the level of competition, from the internet TV and radio, and seeking to input the news the public want to feel in the community also the advertising to be to help the needsRead More