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‘Mary Shelly’s

“Compare the way in which the directors of ‘Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein’ (1994) and ‘Frankenstein’ (1931) use different techniques to build up atmosphere in their opening sequences Mary Shelley was only 18 when she wrote Frankenstein, a novel that has come to be one of the most famous horror stories ofRead More

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The character Moira?

There might have been objections to what they were doing, even then. So, although people had seen the odd Aunt around, they weren’t really aware of what they were for. ” This shows how they are both unaware of the extent Gilead society would take over. Margaret Atwood does thisRead More

Miss Stoners

A classic murder mystery is made up of a number of typical elements. Among these are the principal characters central to the story: an unscrupulous villain, a shrewd detective who often outwits the police, usually accompanied by his less proficient sidekick, and a hapless victim/s. Throughout the course of theRead More

Electricity and Magnetism

The aim of the investigation was to find a relationship between the molecular size of different alcohols and the associated energy change involved in the reaction. A preliminary experiment had been carried out already and errors were noted accordingly and were adjusted in this experiment where possible. This investigation lookedRead More

The final experiment

Planning section During this experiment, I shall begin with a preliminary investigation in order to aid my final practical to be as accurate as humanely possible. Preliminary experiment Apparatus In this investigation I shall need: o A piece of constantan wire, longer than 100 cm o Two ammeters, both analogueRead More



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