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Drug and alcohol abuse and its effects on suicide

There is a positive correlation between drug and alcohol abuse and suicide. Globally, it is estimated that close to a million suicide relate deaths are reported. The situation has become worse in the United States, where statistics indicate that the suicide rate in the population between 35-55 has between 1999Read More

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Drug gangs

Each paragraph consists of just one lengthy sentence; this makes it easier for the reader to understand the key points. Also simple punctuation is used, such as full stops, commas and speech marks. Article two is taken from The Telegraph newspaper. This is a broadsheet paper. As soon as weRead More

Drugs Used By the Youth Nowadays

According to a survey conducted by Edinburgh University and Crew (2000) drug abuse was most commonly seen among the individuals belonging to the age group of 18 to 24 years for the year 2000 in the UK. According to this report, use of drugs among the youth of today hasRead More

Drugs Use by the Youth

Drug use or abuse by the today’s youth is one of the most difficult social problems which is being faced by our society at present. According to the British Crime Survey (2005), thirty three per cent of men and 21 per cent of women among the group of young peopleRead More

Impact of Drug Wars on Tourism

A considerable amount of Americans visit Mexico. According to the U. S State Department, the number of American citizens visiting Mexico has been estimated to 15 to 16 millions annually. However, with the advent of drug wars in Mexico, tourism is at stake because of various reasons which includes kidnappingsRead More



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