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Dramatic significance of the island setting

In Act 2 Scene 1, Gonzalo’s “lush and lusty” vision of the island is an antithesis to Antonio’s “tawny” view. This links strongly to the theme of illusion, as however the character perceives the island is related to how honest and optimistic they are about other matters. Where Gonzalo isRead More

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The scene dramatically effective

Even before this extract we have some knowledge about Mrs Birling. We know that she holds the same views as her husband. We know that she won’t be sympathetic to Eva Smith. This act reveals a lot about Mrs Birling. As Mrs. Birling enters, she is immediately out of place.Read More

Dramatic devices

At the end of Act One Sheila keeps saying “Why – you fool –he knows, of course he knows” this confuses the audience as to who or what the Inspector is. The Inspector ends in one word “Well”. This last one word could lead the story to what happens next,Read More

Dramatic impact

Although twice in the play Elizabeth has used very similar words once in Act 2 and once in Act 4 the tone in Act 4 is very much different to the one in Act 2. As the one in Act 2 is more of a confession meaning that she isRead More

Create dramatic tension for the audience

How does Arthur Miller use Eddie Carbone to create dramatic tension for the audience? Greek playwrights such as Sophocles invented the genre of tragedy. However, the person we most associate with tragedy is Greek philosopher and writer Aristotle. His definition of a typical tragedy influenced writers ever since. Aristotle’s baseRead More



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