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Steven Spielberg

The fearful film Jaws is about a great white shark, which attacks on living prey. It was set in the East Coast of USA in 1977, directed by Steven Spielberg, and adapted from the book written by Peter Benchley. Extracts from the film were compared to those from the novel.Read More

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The characters in ‘An Inspector Calls’

The third and final exit I am looking at is probably the most important in the play it is when the Inspector finally leaves after giving his “fire blood and anguish” speech. Just before he leaves the Inspector summarizes each characters involvement and what they have done. I think heRead More

Importance to the play

The play is part morality play because it has a morale and a meaning to be learnt form the story, for example the message in this play is taking responsibility for your actions, and the example in the play is set By Shelia and Eric, who realise their mistakes andRead More

The Crucible Dramatically Effective

Since 1938 an organisation called the House Un-American Activities Committee had been in existence in America. This had the power to investigate any movement or person who apparently threatened the safety of the state. Under the chairmanship of Senator Joseph McCarthy, this committee became almost paranoid in its searching outRead More

Coursework – Modern Drama

In this essay I will explain how Arthur Miller creates the feeling that a tragedy is inevitable. The impending tragedy becomes more and more apparent towards the end of the play, as there are more hints to suggest this fact. I will explain how Eddie’s incestuous desire for his nieceRead More



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