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Textual Analysis Assignment – Compare and contrast the ways that Disney represents the characters of Mulan (1998) and Snow White (1937). This assignment is a study of the stereotypical characters that Disney represent in the films, ‘Snow White’ and ‘Mulan’. I will be comparing and contrasting how the two films portrayRead More

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Media and globalization

  These giants acquire media companies in different countries to ensure the niche distributor status, therefore the global circulation of national products is usually connected to national pride as cultural products are spread from the dominator to others. Therefore indigenous cultures become capitalized, losing their fragrance uniqueness and follow theRead More

The commercialization of childhood

  From the beginning of the development of the company history, Disney has been making used of its very own film to convey both cultural and political messages. In the 1933 The Three Little Pigs was described as an “old-fashioned moral tract about the virtues of industriousness, self-reliance and preparedness”4.Read More

Cameron Diaz

‘Shrek’ is a brilliant CGI fairytale master-piece, which is full of heroics, shocks and ‘fairytale things’, like the lovely Snow White, or the lying Pinocchio as examples. This computer animated movie truly represents the modern day family, proving how much closer families have become in the last 50 years throughRead More



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