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Discussing slogans

This advertisement use a slogan with a pun technique on point. It use picture to highlight the sentence which is eye catching and original. This is the advertisement for the insurance company which give the viewer secure feeling. The target audience is adult and people who have family.I would placeRead More

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Distance and sound

The aim of the experiment is to find the relationship between the distance and the sound, produced between an elastic band and a wall. The will be done by pulling back an elastic band at a different distance each time and shooting it at the wall and then recording theRead More

Discussion of Themes

It is clear from this story that Frankenstein is playing God, by trying to create new life from material. He does not realise the consequences of this until it is too late. When he is first creating life he is very excited about it, continuing despite being ill, but byRead More

Discuss this Statement and it’s Consequences

Alfieri tells Eddie, ‘There is too much love’ and ‘To let her go.’ Discuss this Statement and it’s Consequences. “A View From the Bridge”, written by Arthur Miller, is a play set on the edge of New York City in the 1940’s by the docks. The characters live in an ItalianRead More

Outline and evaluate two explanations for group display

There is a widespread belief that people act differently when in groups compared to how they behave as individuals. For example people in groups may sometimes behave more antisocially but become more cooperative and selfless in the presence of other group members. Lynch mobs are a group of people, without legalRead More



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