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Death and criminality

This comments no how pip metaphorically sees the sea as a ‘savage lair’ the word savage suggests danger and it brings about a cold and chilling atmosphere. The structure of the novel starts off how pips life has started with his parent’s deaths and then later on it goes into theRead More

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Nationalist views

Another theme in the play is one of cultural identity. The town of Baile Beag, according to Hugh, makes up for the lack of wealth with “a rich language”. The Irish language gives them an identity separate from the English, one that may seem “hermetic” to some, including Yolland, butRead More

Racial Discrimination Affects Social Work

As mentioned earlier, the six practices which are designed to at least control racial discrimination within and outside the social groups, have been already applied by many social workers and were proven effective as they have observed the effects of the practices both on them, their organization and the community.Read More

The Role of Social Work in Discrimination Issues

Through the use of adequate studies done by social work experts as discussed in this paper, racial discrimination is referred both as an asset and weakness of a social organization designed to help the people in the communities. It is more often than not though that the lack of effectiveRead More

Mandatory Retirement: Discrimination in the Academic World

Mandatory retirement for people 65 and over has been enforced in Canada over the last few years. The act also targeted were professors and other members of higher-level academia. While many believed that mandatory retirement would help to allow aging professors accept a retirement they might otherwise reject, the mandatoryRead More



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