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Dickens & Hard Times

Mrs Sparsit is one of the characters used in the novel for comic purposes but through her Dickens satirises the importance, at that time, of being “highly connected” and the selfishness of looking out for “number one” only. Dickens chooses her to have very distinct features for example a “CoriolanianRead More

Victorian Horror stories

In horror compositions it is likely that one of these characters is the perpetrator of evil and the other the victim, so obviously they play a key role throughout the story particularly in the outcome. In ‘The Red Room’ the portrayal of character is very evident and in my eyesRead More

Walpurgis nacht

Often judged for its melodramatic qualities and its play on the supernatural, the gothic genre has been one of many genres that have dominated, English literature from its birth in 1764, the gothic genre has become a great success as it uses many dark intense imagery from the vast darkRead More

Great Expectations

What are the results of Miss Havisham’s desire revenge? In the novel, ‘Great Expectations’, Charles Dickens’ character Miss Havisham is highlighted as a bitter old woman who is vengeful and uncompromising. Miss Havisham’s desire to take revenge against a man, who has previously done her wrong, consumes her and hasRead More

Ding Dong, Ding Dong

How does Dickens use atmosphere and suspense to develop a moral message in ‘A Christmas Carol’ in chapters two and four? ‘A Christmas Carol’ is a novel with a moral message written by the famous Victorian author Charles Dickens and was first published on December 19th 1843. Dickens intended thisRead More