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How does Dickens create a world of violence

Dickens lets Fagin stir up hatred in Sikes, and then he wickedly lets loose the story of Nancy’s dealings with Mr. Brownlow, so to ensure Sikes acts violently and to let him lose all sort of dignity, he may have had previously. The rapid loss of his discipline makes theRead More

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The name Gruel

Oliver Twist. Charles Dickens was a famous author who lived in the Victorian era of England, he mainly wrote novels to expose how the rich society of Victorian England tried to ignore how the poor citizens were treated. Victorian attitudes to the poor were very biased; they made the poorRead More

Bill Sikes

Dickens begins this chapter by talking about Fagin in non-human terms that suggest he is frightening and dangerous. Words like “lair,” “phantom,” and “fangs” describe the Fagin’s house and his physical appearance. This isn’t the first use of animal imagery to suggest Fagin is scary and dangerous in Oliver Twist.Read More

What wider moral points is he trying to make?

This shows that Louisa’s imagination, although it has been supressed to the extent that is almost non-existent, is still there and just about managing to stay alight but eventually becomes negatively channeled into destructive thoughts, rather than being completely eliminated as her father had hoped. This constant referal to fireRead More

Hard Times

    He is getting his point across to the reader how strongly he feels about how education was in the Victorian times and concern on how it was developing. Dickens has described both Bitzer and Sissy as incomparable. He shows them as completely dissimilar characters with different views onRead More



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