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Sierra leone and third world debt relief

  The sustainability criterion the World Bank and IMF decided on was that a debt-to-export ratio above 150% implied an unsustainable debt burden while a debt-to-export ratio below 150% meant that a country could manage to service its debt (3). As indicated above, Sierra Leone’s debt is 681% of herRead More

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The Development of PFI – Post 1992

The 1993 budget statement sought to stimulate greater involvement from the private sector following little interest being expressed. Yet nearly a decade later the controversy still rages over the policy with Stefanou, Chair of Local Government Procurement Panel, cited by Hirst (2002) commenting that “the city had been getting muchRead More

Development of research questions

Surely science education is a field that concerned a lot of experts and therefore various studied were conducted, in order to find ways to achieve better understanding about its nature. As models and modeling are considered essential part of science, it is important to develop ways that the implementation ofRead More

Development of global market

The delegation of sovereignty is also seen as a playing a major impact on the political power of so called sovereign states, this is happening at two levels, firstly through devolution as we have seen in the UK since 1999, where the national parliament has granted certain delegated powers toRead More

Satanic Verses

Satanic Verses never ceases to amaze me what the motivation beyond such a specimen of writing might have been, particularly in light to Rushdie’s immense knowledge of Islam and that of acute Muslim sensitivities towards their beloved faith and prophet. Having been well aware of the response of such workRead More



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