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Data Envelopment and Free Disposable

The concept of performance measurement has become increasingly popular and a ‘central feature of public management reform in many countries’ (Boukaert and Pollitt, 2004, pp.90). As the public have become more affluent in their tastes with time, and begin demanding a higher level of standards from public services, the useRead More

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Quantitative data appeals

Problems arise however concerning the acceptability and credibility of evaluation using such approaches either on the part of the professions themselves, or on the part of the policy makers, or both. The qualitative approach tends to have high face validity with the professions concerned. There is close involvement of researcherRead More

Racial Profiling and Data Collection

Over the last several years, allegations of racial bias in traffic stops have become so common that the practice has been popularly labeled as “DWB” (Driving While Black.) Racial profiling is the practice of targeting or stopping a pedestrian or driver based primarily on their race, rather than any individualizedRead More

Continuous data

Continuous data is data that can take any value for example time or distance. Unlike continuous data discrete data is numeric data that can take only a limited number of values such as number of people or heart rate. Nominal data (sometimes referred to as discreet data) is data that canRead More

Quantitative Data

1. Temperature of the water boiled from the kettle 2. Room temperature in which the experiment is performed 3. Distance at which the thermometer as kept in the water of the container 4. Distance between the person performing the experiment and the cans Controlled variables 1. Number of cans 2. Amount of water 3. Emissivity of cans IndependentRead More



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