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Sophie Johnson

In comparing both ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘The Darkness Out There’ in terms of how they build up tension and horror within the story line, you will find there are many differences but many similarities. We have used the beginning of chapter 5 of ‘Frankenstein’ and the whole of the short storyRead More

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Heart of Darkness

How does Conrad present the company and Marlow’s attitude towards its representatives? “Heart of Darkness”, clearly a novel before its time; shows the attitudes and behaviour of various people of different nature and their reactions to various events that take place during their physical and metal journey. Perhaps for theRead More

Mary Shelley

In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley tells us much about the education of Victor’s creature (VC). He tells Victor, and in turn, the reader, about his life until now in a nicely chronological order; starting with him struggling to “distinguish between the operations of [his] various senses”, right through to him learningRead More



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