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McDonalds and Hindu Culture

For thousands of years, India’s Hindu culture has revered the cow. Some 300 million of these animals roam India, untethered, revered as sacred providers. They are everywhere – everywhere, that is, except for on your plate, as Hindus do not eat the meat of the sacred cow. (International Business, Pg125)Read More

Popular culture

Sport has also become part of our showbiz lives. Main news stories centre on celebrities from sports and they have increasingly become cultural icons. Steve Redgrave and David Beckham embody Englishness and have become role models for people to focus on. Men strive to look like Beckham, copying a hairstyleRead More

Blind Date

Nicola Gill, a reporter, went undercover to try and find out what goes on behind the scenes of one of ITV most popular shows Blind Date. All this suggests mystery and interest and as Blind Date is a popular show the readers will want to here all about it. NicolaRead More

Spanish culture

In general, it is always very advantageous to speak the country’s language you intend to do business with, and particularly if you intend to live there on a permanent basis. This is true for every culture but even more for Spain, as the Spaniards do not, on average, speak EnglishRead More

Reflect societies culture

Video games can be played on several types of platforms: home consoles used with TV sets, computers, and computers with access to the Internet, coin-operated arcade machines, and handheld devices including games systems, cell phones and Palm Pilots. Computer and video game sales in the United States are a $6.Read More