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Russian national Culture

Critically analyse the academic literature on a national culture of your choice from the ones studied, described and mapped by Hofstede, and Hofstede & Bond. Using their views plus those of Trompenaars and other researchers, indicate the likely implications and potential pitfalls for an Anglo-Saxon manager working with people from thisRead More

Culture and image

Macmillan and Tampoe (2000) assert that the strategy formulation process leads to a chosen strategy, and it is to cause the strategic thinking that conceives the future of the organisation. The strategy creation involves three strands, within Thompson and Martin (2005) view both systematic and formal strategic planning systems andRead More

Cross Culture Communication

International and intercultural communication and negotiation provides corporate organizations with several difficulties. Due to different values and cognitive styles, communicating during international collaborations is even more important than during mono-national collaborations. Miscommunication can be caused by misunderstanding different code, because code is dependent on culture-specific communication rules and underlying value/cognitiveRead More

Textual analysis of SATC

The camera cuts to a room full of instruments and we learn that Carrie is on a second date with a Jazz musician named Ray. He is obviously deeply passionate about music as we can tell from the mise-en-scene of varied instruments and shelves stacked high with vinyl records.  CarrieRead More

The level of culture examined

After the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima during the World War II, Japan was is a dire state. However, they overcame the setback and are now one of the most advanced countries in the world. Their work culture helped them to over the shock they faced and this culture isRead More