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Cultural values and ethis

What does one think of when someone asks about personal values? This is sometimes a question that comes up in the interviewing process. Professionals advancing in education may be faced with this question. Personally I question the integrity of this question. Values and ethics can be such a broad yetRead More

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Inter-cultural and cross-cultural management

This paper is about the development of a deep understanding of the concepts of international business and global management by giving a broaden exploration of inter-cultural and cross-cultural management and the idea of doing business across cultures. The paper presents a brief commentary on the broad range of issues facingRead More

Cultural practice and experience

Since the creation of film as an art form, there have been few truly great technological revolutions, changes which have altered the very essence of the medium. In 1927 The Jazz Singer introduced sound, in 1939 Gone With The Wind perfected colour cinematography, and now the last great revolution ofRead More

Socio- Cultural

Upon hearing your concern and difficulty in understanding for the draft profit & loss account for the year 31 December 2000, I am please to attach the following information to assist you in understanding the draft. Firstly, as a director you must be able to identify & classify the differencesRead More

Cultural diversity

In terms of cultural diversity, and the individuals role in a culture, these global forces are reshuffling previously static cultures and are assimilating ‘the similar’ and distancing ‘the different’. This means that the existence of the ‘global village’ while allowing for greater exposure to varying cultural philosophies, cannot avoid theRead More



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