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The Role of Sin in The Crucible

“Ours is a divided empire in which certain ideas and emotions and actions are of God, and their opposites are of Lucifer. It is as impossible for most men to conceive of a morality without sin as of an earth without ‘sky’ ” (Miller 1252). This is the introduction ofRead More

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John Proctor in The Crucible

Arthur Miller was born on October 1915 in New York City. His Family came from Austria and immigrated to America. The 1929 stock market crash, and the economic depression that followed it, ruined the family business so that when the young Miller graduated high school there was no money toRead More

Create and Sustain Tension in the Crucible

Going to the theatre is both an intimate and exciting experience for the audience. It creates a tense atmosphere by having the action so close to you. The theatre offers a completely different experience than sitting alone with a book. At the theatre you are sharing your experience, atmosphere andRead More

Senator called John McCarthy

Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” explores the 1692 witch trials in Salem and uses it as an allegory to comment on the regime of McCarthyism. The character of John Proctor, in “The Crucible” is crucial to our understanding of the message of the play and Miller’s aims because Proctor is theRead More

Arthur Miller’s

“How does Miller introduce and dramatise the main theme of the play in the first act? How does this act relate to later tragic events in the crucible? ” The entirety of the play ‘The Crucible’ revolves around: reputation, personal grudges, revenge, guilt, loss of innocence and dangerous implications, especiallyRead More



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