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Cross Genre Comparison

‘Blackberries’ by Leslie Norris and ‘Blackberry Picking’ by Seamus Heaney are two different texts but each writer portrays similar messages. ‘Blackberries’ is a short story set in Wales whereas ‘Blackberry Picking’ is a poem set in Ireland. As the titles suggest, both texts portray the themes of blackberries, each textRead More

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Significance of Cross-cultural Competency

Presentations: It holds many items in its kitty, ranging from appearance to the behavioural style; therefore the professionals have to have knowledge about how to dress appropriately or to behave pleasantly with the visitors. Conflict resolution: This has already been discussed earlier, where it showed that not only the knowledge,Read More

Cross-Cultural Implications

Like Modernism, Globalism has more than conjugal significance, and it may or may not be imperialistic in its encounter with other customs. The question is whether its diverse cultural elements the European, Hispanic, African, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and other cultural heritages of Los Angeles, for instance can keep their reliabilityRead More



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