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The anthrax crisis

I am going to compare how three different newspapers, ‘The Independent’, the ‘Daily Express’ and the ‘Daily Star’ reported on the anthrax crisis on October the 18th. Firstly the ‘Daily Express’ is a tabloid, like the ‘Daily Star’, were as ‘The Independent’ is a broadsheet newspaper. The ‘Daily Express’ useRead More

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Cuban Missile Crisis

The difference these techniques make to the play is immense. Instead of a play with ordinary dialogue, Lochhead has stepped out to break new ground, entertaining her audience with a variety of rhythms and types of language. Time within the play jumps a lot. We start off with B. withRead More

Moments of crisis

Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte is a first person narrative written in the Nineteenth Century. Throughout this period Religion was a dominant aspect of daily life. However it is in this novel that these traditional ideas are tested by Bronte and her Romanticist ideologies. These are portrayed through the characterRead More

Cypriot Crisis

The Cypriot crisis is usually considered to date from 1974, but this article looks at the events that led up to it in the previous decade. In 1967 Turkey seemed to be putting pressure on the Greek inhabitants and so Georgios Grivas, leader of the Greek Cypriot forces, sent membersRead More



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