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Mods and Rockers

“What Is A ‘Moral Panic’? What Does This Tell Us About Crime And Criminality? Support Your Discussion With At Least Four Identified Examples Of ‘Moral Panics’ Experienced In The Past. ” This essay will commence by examining the origins of the term ‘moral panic’ and will discuss definitions of theRead More

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The Speckled Band

At the end of the 1800’s London was a city where crime levels, poverty and poor public health were major issues for the people. Crime was a major feature of every day life, the smog caused by the growing industries created a dark and dismal place and further added toRead More

Cop Genre With Television Audience’s

The Popularity Of The Crime/Cop Genre With Television Audience? In this assignment I am going to be looking at two different crime/cop shows which are famously known by audiences. After watching and discussing episodes of ‘NYPD Blue’ and ‘The Bill’ I am going to use my notes to talk aboutRead More

A comparison between the front pages of the sun

On the Thirty-first of January 2000, Dr. Harold Shipman was convicted for murdering fifteen of his patients. The following day this story flooded the front pages of both The Sun and The Express. I intend to discuss both of the front pages, looking closely at their reactions and portrayal ofRead More

Aggression and violence

Children are influenced by many media sources; these images seen early in their lives affect them in many ways. In a busy 21st century, parents share their role of nurturing the minds of their children with Institutions who hold their own agendas; they output dominant ideologies with which they mouldRead More



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