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Confront the creature

The creature leaves Victor in the search of other people. Later in the story Victor, by chance glimpses the creature. Whenever the two characters meet, the weather always takes a turn for the worse. ‘Vivid flashes of lightning dazzled my eyes, illuminating the lake, making it appear like a vastRead More

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The reader the desperation of the creature

In the story of Frankenstein Victor resembles the ancient Mariner and the creature resembles the albatross. When Victor abandons the creature, it becomes a burden. Like the albatross becomes a burden for the ancient mariner. Also the crew dying resembles Victors family dyeing in the novel. This quote might haveRead More

Shelly writes Frankenstein

Frankenstein is a gothic novel which deals with romanticism and the related emotions of life. Victor, the Creature and society cannot solely be blamed for the catastrophes in the novel even though all three acted monstrously in some way. When deciding if someone is a monster their actions must beRead More



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