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Contemporary journalism

Contemporary journalism has come under scrutiny as various studies have analysed the social roles and effects of it in the modern world. Journalism and the presentation of news worldwide have changed in nature over the last twenty years as news is far more easily accessed now as opposed to 1984.Read More

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Peace and contentment

Mr. Utterson also has an inexplicable presence; he is described as “the last good influence in the lives of down-going men”. This gives the reader the impression that this story is going to result with the end of someone’s life. It is apparent that in this book, Mr. Hyde representsRead More

The perfection of a short story

The feeling of belonging together now also becomes obvious in their outer appearance. Thus, it seems to the captain “as if [their] experiences had been as identical as [thier] clothes. ” (325) Throughout the story, the captain constantly refers to Leggatt as his double. Already in the introductory part thereRead More



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