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Voted Conservative

Labours’ vote does begin to pick up over the last two groups, this may be due to some older people beginning to believe that the Government should provide for them better and that Labour is best for them, or it is due to a high level of partisan support inRead More

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Diagnostic diagnostic information

The NNS (DfEE 1999) also states that children in year 2 should be able to “recognise that three quarters and one quarter make a whole” part 5 p.23. Therefore Emily should be able to calculate this sum in her head from her knowledge of fractions. The same can be saidRead More

Conflict and Complication

There are two types of victims in the two stories. Firstly there is the unexpecting, innocent victim, killed by an unknown source when it’s too late. This is what happened to Malcolmson and Julie Stoker. Then there is the type like Dr.Roylott, whose plans backfired on him and ended upRead More

Conversation Starters

Participate In Two Interactions, In The Role Of A Carer, Using Communication Skills To Assist Patients/Service Users (P5) Role play can be defined as many things, however a universal definition of role play is often described as a small group of people undertaking roles of fictional characters to re-enact a story.Read More

Bayonet Chargeand

Compare how poets present the experience of soldiers in ‘Bayonet Charge’and one other poem from Conflict. In Bayonet Charge we follow the protagonists view throughout a battle, and Hughes questions the reasons behind war and if it’s justified. A point further reinstated in Futility. The lead character in Bayonet ChargeRead More



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