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Identifying concerns

This above-mentioned form of group interview is very useful in the long-term for needs assessment, interpretation of research results and the development of questionnaires at a later date in identifying concerns, language used to denote concerns etc. But I must add that the degree of control over questions asked, dueRead More

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Example of conversation

On the other hand, Stefanos and Angeliki, kinesthetic learners that collaborated in the non-computer based approach, helped each other in a bigger degree during the construction of the model, since they were familiar on working with materials and they both had the chance experimenting with the materials. This reinforces Fleming’sRead More

James Bulger

Goode and Ben-Yehuda explain the indicators; Concern develops a heightened level over the imagined threat and those associated with it. It may be measured by methods such as opinion polls, media attention or proposed legislation. Hostility follows concern, which increases and intensifies towards those central to the threat. From this,Read More



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