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Steps and Ways to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

The method of relatival analysis is reasonable to use to collate two phenomena, processes, personalities or events. Compare and contrast essay is the main activity to do this. Compare and contrast paper can be written on different topics, but the main feature is the presence of two subjects that have similarities and differences. Writing such work can help students to develop analytical abilities and collate two subjects from different perspectives. The practical application of this work lies in the possibility of coming to a conclusion about the best option to choose. For example, a student can compare the state structure of the two countries with the similar mentality of people and the level of economic development. The classic structure of relatival analysis includes the comparison of several operands, evaluating the object from different angles, revealing the features and disadvantages. The author’s goal is to find common features and characteristic differences of the objects to be compared.

Ways of Comparing and Contrasting

At the moment, there are many methods of conducting the relatival analysis. The first step is to find the context, the main idea, around which the subsequent work will be carried out. The context may be a certain problem, theory, the main idea that relates to the main object of research. It is possible to provide the following example. If the aim of the study is to collate two legal norms that are similar in appearance to each other, it will be correct to fully study the problems of the given question, relying on those areas of legal relations in which the legal norms are realized. In order to add hardness to work, finally persuading the readers in author’s conclusions, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth analysis of the studied processes, think through various judgments, approaches to this issue, and then highlight the main conclusions that will form the basis of the contextual presentation in the relatival analysis. It is necessary to use authoritative sources. The comparecontrast essay can not be made without an adjusted context because it will deprive you of the foundation necessary to build an evidence base when comparing two operands.

This work should have the real basis for comparison. In the process of research, it is necessary to justify the reason in conformity with which comparisons of two similar objects will be carried out. For example, we need to collate what is more useful for health-cucumbers or tomatoes. The reader will search for logic that guided the researcher when he selected operands for comparison. The researcher needs to give the reader iron arguments, why it is necessary to pay attention to these objects of research. Evaluating the correctness of choice and realizing the logical chain of arguments, the reader will understand that this topic arose because of its scientific validity, so he should pay attention to it. So, a student should specify the reasons for choosing a research topic.

The next step is providing arguments. When writing a compare and contrast essay, it is necessary to be guided by the facts during an objective comparison of two operands. It is worthwhile to show the strength of author’s statements, highlighting those features in which objects interact with each other. It is necessary to determine how the selected operands complement, enrich, contradict, challenge, and exclude each other.

Now it is time to choose the method of a comparison. For the relatival analysis, the following methods are used. The initial one is to describe all the advantages and disadvantages of the object X and then of the object Y, and sequentially disassemble the similar elements of the compared objects. Comparing the subject a student needs to clearly put emphasis on one of them. This method is used in the only case where compared operands can not be fully compared with each other.

The last step is to determine the relationship between compared phenomenon and provided arguments. The work should be felt like a single organism, for this it is necessary to show the interrelation between the objects, having formed a logical chain of facts characterizing the interaction of two operands. Without such a construction of the work, the reader will find it difficult to see the connections by which the collated objects interact with each other’s arguments.

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