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Cowgirl Chocolates

Cowgirl Chocolates’ first ever advertisement was of a beautiful woman wearing a cowboy hot, immersed in a watering trough filled with hot and spicy Cowgirl Chocolate truffles. This ad cost Marilyn $3,000 to run and she wondered if it would help her money-losing business. In 2002, despite not paying herselfRead More

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Cross-functional teams

GE has developed cross-functional teams tasked to improve design, yields, supplier agreements, and global best-cost sourcing. Through this, GE should meet its customer delivery dates and technical specifications. General Electric must also develop initiatives that work in a multi-business company. Open communication between businesses, employees who believe in the GE culture,Read More

Compare an old film with a modern one

Team America and Thunderbirds are both action adventure films that use puppetry and voice acting. Although they both follow Torodov’s narrative theory, they do it in completely different ways. Thunderbirds was aimed at children and was given a U bbfc rating but has gathered a cult following in recent years.Read More

Haier Company

The conflict may occur in teams when JVC tries to integrate the staff from partners. There are many reasons for it. Some of the more important ones relate to limited resources, communication problems, differences in interests and goals, different perceptions and attitudes, and lack of clarity about responsibilities (Sanchez, etRead More

Compact fluorescent bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs last longer than incandescent. This means they will lower energy costs. However while compact fluorescents last longer than incandescents, CFL’s get dimmer with age, effectively reducing lifespan (Intro to Fluorescents, Day 5). Therefore many people think its debatable that CFL’s have a high efficiency rating. Other alternativesRead More



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