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Crawford committee

In the British context, Public service broadcasting (PSB) has and still determines a standard definition of Broadcasting as a system since the establishing of the BBC in 1927, which grew out of recommendations of the Crawford committee. Since then broadcasting has become an important medium for the freedom of expressionRead More

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European countries

In medieval times, people lived in small communities and often appointed ‘chieftains’ to act as arbitrators in disputes between kindreds due to no common law. As these small communities often consisted of a small number of extended families, the chieftains were usually a group consisting of the heads of theseRead More

An Introduction to Astronomy

Jumping forwards to the current millennium, in the world of high-energy particle physics, as recently as this year (2013) scientists have used vast man made devices to all but prove the existence of one of the fundamental building blocks of the universe. A particular type particle first envisaged by ProfessorRead More

Enlightened Virtue

Finishing at the time around the Age of enlightenment, the virtues are once again analyzed with d’Holbach and Kant. Paul-Henri Thiry (Baron) d’Holbach (1723-1789) a French Enlightenment philosopher valued perseverance above the rest in order to attain happiness; keeping one’s interests in mind, especially the act of seeking morality dueRead More

Community in the USA

Freedom is something every human being wishes to experience and it can appear in many forms. The “Caged Bird” is an inspiring thought provoking poem about freedom and social injustice. Does the Caged Bird sing? Yes, it sings of freedom. And I empathise completely with the poet as she usesRead More



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