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Command from a soldier

Futility opens gently but dramatically with a command from a soldier “Move him into the sun”. This is an act of desperation as the soldier does not want to accept the fate of this soldier. His reason for moving him is that the suns touch “awoke him once”. Owen thenRead More

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Fax and mobile

Technology such as e-mail, fax and mobile phones means that we have lost our sense of tangible communication. The irony being, that we created these tools to improve and broaden our communication levels, yet in doing so it we are becoming more and more isolated as we no longer feelRead More

The big hard body

By means of a close reading of the passage ‘The big hard body… ‘ to ‘… I been away a long time’ consider in what ways this is an appropriate conclusion to one flew over the cuckoos nest. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (which shall now be referred toRead More

The Handmaid’s tale

  This style, however, does allow strong emotive expression which assists in making meaning of the society from her own perspective. Essentially, Offred’s identity is based around survival in negative circumstances. Every characteristic of her life evolves in order to provide conditions in which to preserve her own sense ofRead More



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