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Hamlet and Claudius

“The main action of Hamlet is the attempt to search out and destroy the hidden imposthume which is poisoning the body politic of Denmark. ” Consider this view. In my essay I would like to focus on the actions of the characters of Hamlet and Claudius specifically. I will lookRead More

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Something is rotten in Denmark

It is highly problematic to use the word ‘tragedy’ when referring to Shakespeare’s works. ‘Hamlet’ has long been considered the best example of what one would call a tragedy out of all Shakespeare’s plays, yet this generalisation, as it proves to be, is the most troublesome of all. Perhaps theRead More

A soliloquy is a speech made to the audience

A soliloquy is a speech made to the audience by a main character in a play. There are seven soliloquies in Hamlet of which I have studied three. The soliloquies are used to get into the mind of Hamlet. It is a psychological drama so what’s going on in hisRead More

The precise nature of his love is a little obscure

Without a belief in the supernatural it is possible to form the view that Hamlet was actually mad, the vision of his fathers ghost an image in his own head “this is the very coinage of your brain”. The madness could have been brought on from a mixture of hisRead More

Examine the presentation of Claudius in Act 1

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a play of deceit, hypocrisy and most importantly revenge. The play is written in Shakespearean language, and is one of Shakespeare’s many classics. There are a few main characters in this play, which consist of Hamlet, Gertrude and Ophelia, but the character in question here isRead More



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