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Discuss the impact of Classic FM on Radio

Radio in Britain was started on the ‘principle of public service’ (p12 Scannell 1990). It was fundamentally a public utility, which promised to be a cultural, moral and educative force. These were the founding ideals of the BBC, which remained paramount during their formative years. However, as mass media becameRead More

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India-centric asset

During fiscal 2009, its small enterprises customer base increased by 26% to about 1. 1 million accounts. The bank introduced their service offerings in over 400 new branches, increasing its coverage to over 1,000 branches. During the year, bank focused on product specialisation including investment banking for SMEs. Bank continuedRead More

White master class

The struggle for equality within the black population struck fear into the eyes of the white master class. The idea of having to share political, social, and economic space with blacks did not fit the mold that whites had forced the slaves into during the years of the Trans AtlanticRead More

Class or status

He believes in inequality depending on wealth and thus also social status. The Inspector is very ‘left wing’ and believes in equality of all people no matter the status. He wants social change and believes in greater liberty, he also believes that everything we do has an effect on someone else.Read More

Classical tragedies

Eddie nearly always gets his way, consequently when he realises that Catherine won’t back down on this he tries another approach, appealing to her heart and making her feel guilty: “Katie, I promised your mother on her death bed, I’m responsible for you.” Eddie is trying to make it appearRead More



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