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War on Iraq

Subsequent theorists have criticised the uses & gratifications model as being ‘a relatively static model’ (Philo, 1990: 6) or as having fundamental defects: that of its ‘overestimation of the openness of the message’ and its ‘insufficiently sociological nature’ (from Morley, 1992: 52-3). Besides Morley’s direct reference to our overall question,Read More

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Sapphic Slashers

  The lesbian identity narrative, an event labeled “A Very Unnatural Crime,” sent shockwaves throughout the south in 1892. A young woman named Alice Mitchell murders her lover a woman named Freda Ward, in broad daylight. The murder rattled a society so new and so blind to the circumstances. TheRead More

The modern and contemporary world

  3 This still meant about 2500 got through to London. They were however, about to become almost obsolete. The first V2 was fired in anger on the 8th of September 1944. 4 It was the first long range missile to be used in active combat. It was a hugeRead More

The Espicopal parish

Define the changing relationship between masters and slaves in the antebellum South Few institutions in American history have made such a fundamental impact as slavery, from it’s origins in the mid-seventeenth century, to its abolition in 1863, following President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the North’s victory in the American CivilRead More

Generation Console War

Which one should you pick? Each contender for the 7th Generation Console War is in the ring, but which one will emerge victorious in the end. Firstly a brief note on each console. Xbox 360 – What I would call the all rounder console which ever way you look at it.Read More



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