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Circuit City

Circuit City is currently the number two store in the consumer electronics industry and the number three seller of consumer electronics products. Circuit City operates exclusively in the United States. Circuit City has been falling into trouble in the past few years. There have been extensive layoffs as well as reconfiguringRead More

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Jumanji Author: Van Allsburg

Plot: Jumanji features a narrative plot. Although the events that result from the children’s actions are not necessary logical, the action in the story moves forward recognizably through both text and illustration, and the story comes to a mysterious, yet satisfying, ending. The plot centers on the children’s completion ofRead More

Planners and Continuum

“The City Planners” by Margaret Atwood is a poem about her distaste for the obsessive regularity and perfection of the city. Atwood opens the poem with vivid exposition of time and place as she “cruis[es] these residential Sunday streets in dry August. This effectively creates a sense of place andRead More



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