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Church Rebel Charlotte

Continuing the concept of young celebrity icons using cigarettes as a way to rebel against their parents, Charlotte Church has been pictured smoking in the press, heavily in the last few weeks. Church has recently moved in with her DJ boyfriend, despite her mother’s disapproval and has been photographed wearingRead More

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Grand Duke

Masquerade and disguise are key elements within ‘Nights at the Circus’. Show how Angela Carter presents masculine and feminine elements of disguise within the novel. Masquerade and disguise are key elements used by Carter to portray her personal ideas and beliefs throughout the novel. Carter deliberately sets the novel atRead More

Bioengineering Infertility (IVF): Biblical Quotes

There are no specific biblical references to infertility in the bible. 1. 1 Samuel 3- parable about a woman who prayed for a baby but never got one…. because God did not want her to have one. This shows us that it is not if you want a baby itRead More

The power of the Catholic Church in Ireland today

  After all the television programmes, the newspaper articles, books and radio debates, the church can no longer such ignorance about such a horrific chapter of child sexual abuse. Irish society has come a long way in facing up to the issue of child sexual abuse but as far asRead More



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