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Ebenezer Scrooge

Even dogs didn’t like him; they would pull their owners way from Scrooge as if they were scared of him. And then wag their tails to ‘say an evil eye’ is worse than being blind. ‘No beggars implored him to bestow a trifle. ‘ This is another sentence which showsRead More

Atmosphere and suspense

This conveys richly with the spirit and meaning of Christmas that Dickens is attempting to put forward in his moral message, through the use of this atmosphere. He is expressing that Christmas time is a time for sharing and spending time with your family and friends, which is reflected inRead More

Christmas Carol

How does Dickens show the way Scrooge changes from Miser to Man of the city in ‘A Christmas Carol’? At the time “A Christmas Carol” was set, there was a massive difference between the lives of the rich and poor in London. The rich had private education ad the poorRead More

A Christmas Carol

How does dickens show the change in scroogei?? s character in i?? A Christmas Caroli?? , look closely at the language used and how this influences the reader In 1843 Charles dickens wrote i?? A Christmas Caroli?? partly to make people aware of the terrible conditions of the children ofRead More

Dickens Convey

When the Ghosts appear, Dickens idea is to create an atmosphere full of tension, and with these words, he does just that. ‘I am prepared to bear your company, and do it with a thankful heart. Will you not speak to me? ‘ It gave him no reply. The handRead More