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Choose any two stories from opening worlds

Choose any two stories from opening worlds which you find both moving and amusing. How do the writers arouse these responses and support your answer with reference to the text. In the stories “Two kinds” by Amy Tan and “The Gold-Legged Frog” by Khamsing Srinawk, the writers, whilst putting acrossRead More

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Ah Mah

  This could explain why the grandfather waited until his sons were married to obtain a wife. The poem does not say about the grandfather’s previous wife but we can assume that she is deceased as it is considered inappropriate in the culture to divorce one’s wife without good reasons.Read More

Stedham and Yamamura

  ” This would suggest that females would be more collectivist than males. A gender main effect will be observed for (d. ) Masculinity and (c. ) Individualism where males score higher than females. No other main effect was hypothesized. Interactions An age interaction with country will be seen withRead More

The transgression of traditional boundary

How do the mother’s talk-stories and Chinese folklores help Maxine Hong Kingston embark on a journey towards self-understanding? A journey is the process of struggle and exploration. One has to experience this process in order to reach the destination. The mother’s talk-story (no name aunt) originally serves the purpose ofRead More

The definition, the cause

  Murray’s arguments have been severely criticised by many colleagues studying the field of sociology. A vast amount of surveys have been carried out which raised doubts about his claims. Many believe Murray to be wrong to argue that those people reliant on state benefits are less willing to workRead More



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