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Nightmares and night terrors

Every night, every person around the world “watches” a unique movie in the form of interrupted stories, made up partly of memories, with frequent shifts of scenes. The “watcher” may sometimes even take part in the movie. This sort of movie is called a dream. Dreaming is a form ofRead More

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The world health organisation

Though poverty deals with the lack of possessions or the inability to do the things that are considered “normal”, the word “normal” depends on the society in which the person lives. The usual accepted indicator of third world poverty is the number of people living on an income of lessRead More

Evolutionary psychology

Evolutionary psychology accounts for one possible explanation of what men look for in women. The theory claims that men are not as reliant on their mate as women are on men therefore men are not as strongly oriented as women to spending their entire lives with only one mate, thusRead More

Communicating with children

Describe how to communicate with children using both verbal and non-verbal methods of communication by describing here situations as examples from your placement to highlight these methods. M1 Explain why communication skills are important to develop relationships with children in a placement setting. Give reasons to clearly support your explanation.Read More

The darkness out there

Compare how two authors use the elements of a ghost story in ‘The Old Nurse’s Story’ and ‘The Darkness Out There’. Which text do you think is the most effective and why? A ghost story is a story intended to scare and entertain. They are almost like horror stories; theRead More



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