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The end of Act

The characters in The Crucible are constructed to create emotion and empathy. The first character who has the power to evoke emotions is Abigail, who uses people to get herself out of trouble and to gain power. One example of her blaming somebody else is ‘I never called him! Tituba,Read More

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Good character

Qualifications: to be a nurse you will need these qualifications: Hold a degree or diploma in nursing 5 GCSES or equivalent at grade C or above. Must be able to demonstrate evidence of literacy, numeracy and good character. Skills: The skills you will need to be a nurse is that you will need toRead More

The main characters and ideas of the play

Question: How effectively does the writer/director use the first scene to introduce the main characters and ideas of the play ? In this piece of coursework i will assess how effectively the director understands the play and how she translates this knowledge when making the film starring Marlon Brando andRead More

Baz Luhzmans Romeo and Juliet

Baz Luhzmans “Romeo and Juliet” was produced in 1997 the film is a modern version of Shakespeare’s original play. This essay will analyse the techniques used, the effect the opening and its successes on a modern audience. The film opens in an unconventional, modern way in order to catch theRead More

Superstitions are unrealistic

The Characters and superstitions are unrealistic and nothing like this could ever happen. I feel that Rhoda Brook is a very strong and realistic character. I feel Rhoda is a realistic character because she feels jealous and curious about Gertrude Lodges looks (who has recently just got married to Rhoda’sRead More



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