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The Changing Character of Creon In the Antigone

“The chief agent is Creon; his is the character, his the faults and merits, which are immediately relevant to the play”1. This comment from H.D.F Kitto is the reason for this study into Creon’s character in the Antigone – of the two protagonists featured, I feel his development throughout theRead More

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Eliminating racism against Indigenous Australians

Education is fundamental to eliminating racism against Indigenous Australians. The expounding of all elements of racism can contribute to erasing racial prejudice through reducing intolerance caused by ignorance; by promoting compassion through understanding and by emphasizing the opprobrious existence of racial discrimination in society through exposing the hateful notions thatRead More

Criminal, cruel, barbaric and vicious character

In the first extract we learn that Pip is a seven year old boy who lives with Mr. & Mrs. Joe Gargery in Kent. Pip was being looked after by his sister Mrs. Joe as both of his parents had died and he was more misfortunate as he hadn’t everRead More

Elizabeth Proctor’s

Tragedy in ‘The Crucible’ is used alongside realism to create a believable piece of theatre, making the audience feel as if the action on stage is a real scenario. Aristotle laid out six rules of tragedy, which he felt defined a tragic play. ‘The Crucible’ follows some of these rules,Read More



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