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Making old media new again

The expression “new media” has recently come into frequent use in common vocabulary although it has been mentioned a long time ago by researchers conducting social, economic, political and cultural studies of information and communication technologies. Although new media does not have a clear and complete definition one may associateRead More

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The potential divider circuit

To design, make, test and evaluate a strain gauge sensor. The sensor has to detect how the change in strain on a wire affects the voltage across the wire. Reasoning behind aim: I have chosen the strain gauge because it is Interesting as well as challenging. The strain gauge presentsRead More

Music on CD

Hardware is the physical devices that can be touched and used to send or receive messages or information to and from one person to another person. The components of a computer system are: Input devices- these get data into the computer.  The main processor unit- this manipulates the data.  TheRead More

The hard disk

By law, employers in offices need to provide tilt-able screens, adjustable chairs, snit-glare screen filters, foot supports, good lighting uncramped workstations, frequent breaks and eye tests. This has to be done by law in offices but not in schools. However, there are general guidelines to follow. There should be noRead More

Thin film transistor

Hardware is a part of computer which can be seen and touched. Types of hardware There are 4 main types of hardware as shown below: Input: A hardware which is used to put data. Process: Turns input data into different type of data. Storage: A hardware which keeps data safe.Read More



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