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Intestine Discord

As for the last part of the quote, (“The end of Obedience…by Intestine Discord”), we see that paradoxically, though the people all agree on the fact that they need to follow the judgement of one single authority so as to be protected from the potential threat they represent to eachRead More

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The discovery of the electron

  “6 Therefore, because of this shadow of the Maltese Cross at the end of the tube, when the discharge was past, the green glow no longer extends all over the end of the tube, as when it did when the cross was not there, but instead it glowed onlyRead More

The discovery of the electron

  Therefore, because of this experiment, it became known that something was proceeding from the surface of the cathode – the negative electrode – traveling in a straight line down the tube producing a glow on the glass of the tube at the point where it strike. An experiment whereRead More



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