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Solid Liquid Separation

A thickener consists of a large (cylindrical) tank (often) with a broad conical section at the base, at the centre of which is an outlet pipe/valve assembly. The stream from this outlet is termed the underflow. Around the rim of the tank is a tray, rather like a gutter, intoRead More

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The refore the best concentration

Aim In this investigation I will investigate the effect of the enzyme Catalase on Hydrogen Peroxide by measuring the volume of oxygen gas produced in a certain time. All living cells contain Catalase in them and so instead of using a Catalase solution I will use a yeast solution. TheRead More

Volume of oxygen produced

It is expected that a point will be reached where the rate of reaction will remain constant because the number of hydrogen peroxide molecules will be greater than the number of active sites on the Catalase molecules. Beyond this point no matter how much more hydrogen peroxide s added theRead More



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